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Family Members of a Missing Mother Remain Hopeful

Almost three years ago, a mother was taken from her family and although every one involved in the investigation have worked effortlessly in trying to find the mother with no success. Three years later and you would think that everyone would just lose all hope and try to move on with their lives. However, this family remains hopeful and they all still believe that they will find their mother one day. The mother has a loving family who describe her as the perfect mother, always putting her family’s needs in front of her own. It is unknown who could have kidnapped her from her hotel room in Vegas, but police did not find any evidence in the room and believe that the kidnappers swept the room of any evidence that could lead to the kidnapper. The effort put forth to find this woman has not stopped since the reports of the kidnapping three years ago and the investigation is still ongoing. Her sons are still growing up and must live with the memory of their mother for now, but they are remaining hopeful and told reporters that they are just focusing on school and getting a good career because that is what their mother would want them to do.

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