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Good Samaritan Saves Cop's life in Burbank

A couple of days ago an officer was committing a normal traffic stop on the streets of Burbank, when he was surprised by the outcome. As he approached the vehicle to confront the driver, the driver swung open his door in order to knock down the officer. As the officer fell to the ground, the driver grabbed a baseball bat from the back of his car, got out, and began to beat the officer with the baseball bat. This man did not just want to hurt the officer, but he wanted to kill the officer for pulling him over. Luckily for the officer, a small business owner noticed what was going on in front of his electronics shop in the city of Burbank and immediately took action. He called the police to inform them of the situation and then got a baseball bat of his own and went to the rescue of the police officer. When the shop owner went outside, the officer was unconscious and the good Samaritan began to beat the suspect with his bat and yelled at him to leave the cop alone. The suspect quickly ran into his car and tried to flee the scene before more officers showed up to the scene of the crime. As the suspect began to drive, he crashed into a parked car, but still tried to get away as more officers arrived at the scene. Paramedics immediately took the unconscious officer to the hospital. The suspect was able to drive for a few blocks before police detained him. Police discovered that the suspect is wanted for attempted murder and he did not show up to his court date. This was a dangerous man that was able to be put back in jail due to the quick think of the shop owner in the city of Burbank. The officer is recovering at a local hospital and will make a full recovery. We were unable to get a statement from the officer but we are sure that he is extremely grateful for the actions of the man that saved his life. The good Samaritan told us that he felt he had to help the officer just as he would have to help anybody that was getting beaten to death.

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