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Federal Agent Arrested in Burbank

Earlier this Wednesday a federal agents was arrested in Burbank, CA after pulling out his handgun and telling someone to follow him after he got drunk. Officers responded to a call of a man brandishing a gun a little after midnight at a bar in Burbank. According to the Burbank Police Department the place this occurred was in the 300 block of East Santa Anita Avenue. The victim reported to police the federal agent was extremely intoxicated and told him and another man to follow him as he flaunted his weapon in the air. After following the agent for a short period of time, the victim ran away and was able to escape the agent. When the police arrived, they searched the area for the suspect and found Andrew Leconte near San Fernando Boulevard. Less than a mile away. After some investigations, police discovered that Leconte is an agent with the U.S. Marshalls Service. Leconte was arrested that night for allegedly kidnapping and brandishing a firearm. Blog by Express Bail Bonds Burbank.

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