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City Of Burbank, CA

Burbank Ca

“The media capitol of the world” or Burbank, as we all know it, is the home to 103,500 people living in its neighborhoods. Burbank gained its Alias due to many of the world’s largest media companies such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Insomniac Games, and Warner Brothers, Entertainment headquartering in the city.


The name Burbank was given to the city after one of its all time pioneers, dentist and businessman Dr. David Burbank. Dr. David Burbank was a land owner; he possessed a large area of land in the area. He utilized the land to grow wheat and raise sheep. He was considered the best sheep raiser in California. During a prolonged drought season in California, he lost more than 1,000 sheep.


David also owned Burbank theatre, a successful business which later transformed to into a burlesque lounge.


The area which is now Burbank was the site of a small military war that was the cause of the Spanish governor at the time to lose his job. The new governor who took over was Pio Pico, during this time, Trains and Stagecoaches were the only forms of transportation in the city.


A Proposal to build “Mickey Mouse Park” was introduced to the city by Walt Disney, who on his part have purchased a huge area of land to build his project. The city refused the proposal, which led him to building “Disneyland” in its current location in Anaheim. This was a great success for him.


Many Hollywood entertainment companies moved to Burbank in the 60s and 70s. Even Sony Pictures wanted to relocate its headquarters to Burbank, where they already had smaller studios than the ones in Culver. The City of Burbank refused a request to expand and renovate their campus, meanwhile, Culver City approved a plan to expand their current location.


There are many landmarks in the city that have been around for many years, such as Bob’s Big Boy restaurant. It is the oldest location for the fast food chain in the whole U.S. The owner of the business couldn’t demolish the food joint and build office space tower instead because the city didn’t allow him. given the location is an important landmark. Page by Express Bail Bonds.

city of burbank california
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