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Why Choose Burbank Bail Bonds!

To have your beloved one arrested is a very difficult and sensitive one time period for you. The amount of stress for you and your family is extremely high that’s why we assign to you your own personal agent.


We want to make sure that you will have the best possible information about the whole process and that you understand everything before we make

any further steps. Our goal is to take any extra weight from your shoulders so we can put your mind at ease and to prepare you to deal with the jail release process correctly and easily.

We are confident that our agents after the many years of experience they have and the high train they obtained, are more than capable to provide you all the above and especially in the fastest way possible.

They operate closely to you and they are determined to solve any issues that may occur during the process, so that you can have your beloved one back at home without any complications .

Your personal agent is available to you 24/7 to ask him anything you need regarding your case.

Do not forget, our agents have the extremely high work ethic and they are the most respectable people in the business. They always prioritize the release of your beloved one and they wont rest till he/she is back safe at home awaiting for his/her trial. 

The bail bonds process in Burbank

Our extremely trained agents at Express Bail Bonds Burbank, serve the good people of Burbank for a long period of time and managed to help thousands of them and many in the surrounding areas to easily complete the jail release process. All of our customers are extremely satisfied with the level of services and how fast we bring their loved ones back at home. Our highly trained agents are always prepared to deliver the best possible results for you.

In the City of Burbank, every arrestee is moved to the Burbank Police Department located at 200 North Third Street Burbank, CA 91502.

The standard process there is as follows:

An officer will confiscate all the personal belongings of the defendant to safekeep them for the time period he/she stays in jail. Then starts the booking process and the personal information gathering. Normally does not take much time but usually depends how busy the Jail is. After that, begins the fingerprint process via the LiveScan Machine, which is directly connected to the Department of Justice. The reason for that is that the Jailer needs to determine if the arrestee is connected to any open warrants or if he/she is wanted by any other law agency. No defendant can be released legally from custody until the Jailer has the results available. That process can take between 45 minutes to several hours. If the Jailer determines that the inmate is able for bail, then the final steps of the jail release process start.
When you decide to contact our office, then one of our highly trained agents is going to begin the bail bond process so your loved one to be back at home as fast as possible.

Our bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities, to the north of Burbank we have local agents to provide bail service in Sun Valley, Sylmar and Santa Clarita, to the east our bail service covers Altadena and Pasadena, south of Burbank we reach Hollywood, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, in the south west we cover Encino and Malibu, to the west we provide bail service in Canoga Park and Thousand Oaks and in the north west our agents are available in Mission Hills and Simi Valley.

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How bail bonds work in Burbank, CA!
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